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  1. Victor Gruppetta on 05/12/2019 at 9:16 AM said:EditKurt Galea Pace rented a car from us and received about 1300 euros worth of traffic contraventions. He did not pay any of these and we had to pay them on his behalf. He signed a bill of exchange with us that he will pay us but did not honour his bill of exchange. He is a professional conmanReply ↓
  2. JJ on 18/09/2019 at 4:07 PM said:EditSweet talker.
    Able to sell ice to Eskimos.
    The biggest criminal fraudster Malta has seen in the construction industry.
    MAY I ASK, WHY DO THIEVES GO TO JAIL AND PEOPLE LIKE Kurt Galea Pace or Kurt Pace or Kurt G. Pace (because he changes his name regularly) DO NOT?
  3. Stephanie Schembri on 06/09/2019 at 8:20 AM said:EditThis man fooled my husband too. My husband is an electrician and he was doing electrical works for the same article on times of malta where the owner wins the case against him of Eur109,000. He done the villa and when he was almost done he started to ask for money from Kurt, however he did not pay a cent. This happened about six years ago and till today he still did not pay him for what he have done. Not mentioning that one time I called him to ask for payment and agreed to a date and a time and he never showed up and left me waiting in the rain with my son for more than an hour, not even answering my continuous phone calls.Apart from all the above he reported my husband that he was threatening him, of which my husband was only calling him to ask for payment. The police opened a case to court and when they had the seating my husband asked the magistrate to get the recordings of all the calls that were done between them, AND THAT IS WHERE KURT GALEA PACE DECIDED TO CLOSE THE CASE JUST BECASUE OF ‘FRIEND SHIP’ :/DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN, HE IS A PROPER CON MAN ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTHReply ↓
  4. DCG on 23/08/2019 at 10:35 AM said:EditPity I did not read this article a few months agoReply ↓
  5. MDZ on 20/07/2019 at 9:58 AM said:EditTHIS GUY IS THE BIGGEST CON ON THIS ISLAND…STAY AWAY!
  6. Mark A on 07/05/2019 at 11:45 AM said:EditThank you for this article, you have really opened our eyes. This man is in NO WAY to be trusted, stay FAR AWAY. He WILL defraud you.Reply ↓
  7. joseph chetcuti on 26/01/2019 at 11:37 AM said:Edithe seems to be fooling me also. Never answers the mobile or keeps it engaged.
    Can we unite to take court action against him together?Reply ↓
  8. justice on 19/01/2019 at 12:06 PM said:EditDO NOT WORK FOR THIS GUY. He gets paid by his clients and then doesn’t pay his sub contractors. He invents all type of excuses not to pay, and leaves you waiting for nothing, but then he dares to call you to go and continue the work. He gets rich on people backs. He even tries to provoke and he invents something to go and report you to police for nothing, when he is the one that deserves to be reported. He is a liar. This paracite is still around frauding people and not paying the workers!!!Reply ↓
  9. Linsi Caldecourt on 05/11/2018 at 3:09 PM said:EditI just received a quote from this man.
    Is he not to be trusted?
    I am not earning at the moment so do not have money to lose….Reply ↓
  10. Linsi Caldecourt on 05/11/2018 at 3:08 PM said:EditI just received a quote from this man for Waterproofing a roof.
    Is he not to be trusted?
    I am not earning so do not have money to lose……Reply ↓
  11. edward on 20/08/2017 at 12:33 PM said:Edithave you manage in pinning this vermin ? as i need to get him myself.. and vow i will.Reply ↓
  12. J R Borg on 07/05/2016 at 3:16 AM said:EditThe man fooled me too. Kurth Galea Pace who conviniantly he calls himself Kurth G Pace or sometimes even Kurt Pace poses as a turn key contractor with impressive rates, sweet talk, impressive postures but he is ONLY interestted in defrauding people…..i know of at least 10 people who have been fooled by the man. He starts turn key jobs well, as soon as Kurt Galea Pace earns the trust of his client and askes for deposits / additional money he disappears with people’s money. Subcontractors are not paid either. Pockets the money changes his mobile number and becomes unreachable.

Kurt started weeping…

As he discovered that this little modest website is top ten on google search! (Thank you all for looking at it, and sharing it) Although he was informed that I will put this website online more than a year ago. Maybe he did not believe me.

He had already called the police at that time… I had to go there twice to explain myself (although the second time the police was more interested into the fraud case that Kurt Galea Pace could constitute… than this website which is apparently not defamatory to them!). I was never asked by the Police to remove this website so I will leave it on, until the matter is solved!

Now he is trying again, merely to waste my time and win some of his time on fulfilling his contractual obligations…

Be careful before signing up a turnkey contract and spread the word to protect friends and family from this incompetence 🙂



Welcome to Oh my little home in Malta!

I bought this little place in Malta almost a year ago, as I fell for the Maltese tiles everywhere in that 60m2 flat. Soon after I signed a contract with the turnkey Kurt Galea Pace, who was then so promising. But the guy did not keep any of his promises, does not want to give me back the money he billed for the works he never did, lied about me and insulted me in public. After two years “working” with him, I must say that he is incompetent in turnkey projects and I wish that no one get mislead or give any money to this guy!

A turnkey is a type of project that is constructed so that it could be sold to any buyer as a completed product. This is contrasted with build to order, where the constructor builds an item to the buyer’s exact specifications, or when an incomplete product is sold with the assumption that the buyer would complete it.

A turnkey project or contract as described by Duncan Wallace (1984) is:

…. a contract where the essential design emanates from, or is supplied by, the Contractor and not the owner, so that the legal responsibility for the design, suitability and performance of the work after completion will be made to rest … with the contractor …. ‘Turnkey’ is treated as merely signifying the design responsibility as the contractor’s.

We signed a contract in September 2012, the works were planned on three to five month. There were a lot of progress at the beginning and in January, everything stopped. I managed to move in in April, the flat was not finished, the furniture not delivered (except the horrible bed that Kurt Galea Pace got at the last minute without consulting me). We reworked a plan of work at least 3 times since then, always with the promises that the work will be finished in the coming days… It is soon going to be 2 years and here we are.

The amount of work left out is approximately 7500 euros, that I am already repaying the bank for, obviously. On such a small flat, it is a huge amount of works left pending, in addition of becoming dangerous.