And the rest

For which there is no picture because… it just never happened:

– I’m still climbing the four floor without lights although I was billed 300 Euros for external lights. At night, it can be tricky;

– A massive wooden sliding door separating the bedroom to the living room: billed 1000 euros, I can invite people to dine near my bed whenever they want!  that’s designed by Kurt Galea Pace;

-The rest of the furniture Kurt Galea Pace should have brought back from Sicily, along with the famous bed (a dining table and chairs, lightnings etc…) for a total of 1350 euros, which was partly reimbursed after months of chasing;

– All the promises of extras because I paid everything in time, and even… (stupid me I know) in advance. (Skirting board, restoration of the old doors, wooden shelves on a whole wall and in the bathroom, and so much so much more…);

– The bathroom which was never finished, painted or fixed properly after almost two years. In fact the bathroom is partly destroyed because he installed a pump big enough for an hotel: the water heater blew… We had to destroy the gypsum ceiling to replace everything and since then, I still waiting for a painter to come…

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I am seeing this site of which he did almost the same to my husband. He did works for Kurt and he never got paid! This man is heartless, irrelevant what these workers and these people that pay him for a “turnkey” are passing through. For him the most important thing is money and how he will get more!!!!!!

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